Eduard Milá



Eduard, acting lawyer since 1996 and founding partner of the professional society Pentalegis, he has an extensive professional experience in the bankruptcy area. He has been appointed Insolvency Practitioner in more than twenty ordinary insolvencies of different sectors of the economy and in different areas of the Spanish geography. Managing assets from bankruptcy of more than 1000€ million.

He began his professional career as a broker in a brokerage house, he worked in several financial societies, specialising subsequently in M&A.

He currently balances the corporate activity with the legal profession, being specialised in Bankruptcy Law and Property Law.

Eduard holds a bachelor’s degree in Law by the University of Barcelona, a Master’s in Counselling and Property Consultancy by the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of the University of Barcelona and within his commitment of ongoing training of the subject, he holds a Postgraduate degree of Troubled Companies: Prevention, Reorientation and Meeting with Creditors in the University of Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, apart from other continuous training activities in the subject of bankruptcy.

Eduard, in addition to Spanish, is fluent in English and French.

He is a member of the bankruptcy section of the ICAB (The Illustrious Bar Association of Barcelona)

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