Fernando Carvajal Gómez-Cano

Peñafort Legal y Financiero


Fernando has been an acting lawyer since 1991, when he was incorporated to the legal and fiscal Division in Deloitte.

He has focused his career on the so-called “Business Law”, rendering legal counselling in matters of private Law, in its consultative aspect as well as in its procedural aspect.

Due to the multinational nature of most of his clients, Fernando is used to working with entrepreneurs, businesspeople and acting lawyers in other jurisdictions.

Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and is a Legal Advisor of Companies by the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE) and is part of the IV promotion of students of the advanced course on Bankruptcy Trustees, run by the Villanueva University Centre and the Foundation of the Institute of Bankruptcy Law. He is currently participating in the QLTS programme, organised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for the obtaining of the title of solicitor in England and Wales.

In addition to Spanish, Fernando speaks and is professionally fluent in German and in English.

Student in the Fachinstitut für Wirtschaftsrecht (Freiburg, Germany), directed by Dr. Axel Grannemann, in the programme addressed for the preparation for the exam aptitude to obtain the title of Rechtsanwalt (lawyer) in Germany (“Eignungsprüfung als Rechtsanwalt”). He is a member of the Spanish-German Association of jurists.

  • During the phase that preceded the approval of the prevailing Bankruptcy Law in 2003, he was part of the group of technical consultants connected with large multinational auditing firms which consulted in determined aspects of the regulation.
  • Since 2004, Fernando is co-director partner of the insolvency area in Peñafort Legal y Financiero, specialised firm in the consultancy of restructuring under bankruptcy. His professional care for Bankruptcy Law is focused on the legal direction of bankruptcy proceedings, counselling debtors preferentially. He also acts as Insolvency Practitioner, by the authorisation of the Commercial Courts. rocedimientos concursales, asesorando preferentemente al deudor. También ejerce el cargo de Administrador Concursal, por designación de los Juzgados de lo Mercantil.
  • Fernando has intervened as debtor’s lawyer in the voluntary bankruptcy of creditors of a Spanish Family Office with liabilities of more than €620 million and which was deep in a complex shareholder conflict. The proceedings were solved with a creditors’ agreement approved judicially in 2012. Within the scope of the proceeding tens of agreements of enactment of payment of debts were formalised with financial institutions.

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