Who We Are?

FTI & Partners is an alliance formed by firms specialising in areas of insolvency, restructuration, legal and audit/accountancy which offers multidisciplinary solutions to the new challenges which bankruptcy situations present.

We are Insolvency Practitioners in diverse jurisdictions including Spain, England and USA.

United by a culture of urgency, our professional team is organised to provide critical assistance, wherever and whenever necessary.


World leader in Restructuring

  • FTI Consulting is one of the leading firms in the world in financial services and restructuring
  • FTI is valued on the NYSE and is free of any relation of statutory audit with their clients and related conflicts of interest
  • In Spain operating since 2010 with reorganisation services inside and outside of Insolvency Proceedings, Consultancy in M&A, regulatory and forensic auditing services
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Legal Consultancy

  • Law firm specialised in Business Law since 1985
  • The Firm has created a specific team focused on corporate and labour reorganisations in the pharmaceutical industry and in the real estate sector
  • Some of its partners took part in the pre-legislative working groups which provided ideas for the development of the prevailing Spanish Law on Insolvency


  • Firm of professional services with more than 15 years of experience in Bankruptcy Law
  • Team formed by 15 people and 5 partners
  • Offices in Madrid and Barcelona

Auditing and Accountancy

  • Firm of professional services with more than 20 years of experience in Auditing. Team formed by 100 people/ 6 partners in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Members of NEXIA, tenth international network of auditing firms and consultancy, with a presence in more than 110 countries and more than 230 members
  • Accredited by the PCAOB, dependent organisation of the “Securities and Exchange Commission- SEC”, and affiliated members to the Official Auditors Register (ROAC) in Spain

Our services

Insolvency Practitioners appointed by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission)

Insolvency Practitioners appointed by Commercial Judges

In Courts of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao

Designated Insolvency Practitioners as proposed by creditors

Professional services by means of a highly specialised structure

Reorganisations inside and outside of insolvencies, bankrupt, legal and work consultancy, accountancy/audit and regulatory

Offer of multidisciplinary services in the key areas of the insolvency

Our Team in Spain

FTI &Partners has a professional team of 150 employees in Spain

distributed in their different areas of expertise

Our partners are formed of:

Insolvency Practitioners acknowledged in Spain, Affiliated Members to the Official Auditors Register (ROAC) in Spain, Lawyers, Economists, Experts in Reorganisations and Interim Administrators

We have permanent offices in Madrid and Barcelona

We have the support of 4.000 professionals on a world level

key in the process of value recovery

Why FTI & Partners?

Our high level of specialisation by area/partner

Allows us to provide the appropriate treatment in each proceeding

Our approach is clear/ recover the value

By means of the liabilities and/or assets restructuring

We have total and complete business awareness of the

Bankruptcy practises/ trends in Spain as well as abroad

We are experts in assets transfer

Processes/ sales of productive unit/ processes of M&A

We implement “satellite services” needed according to the proceedings

Viability plan, forensic auditing, media communication, regulatory aspects, interim management, etc

Experience in Restructuring Processes

Fuera de Concurso y en Venta Acelerada

Restructurings in Spain:

  • En los últimos años hemos liderado las mayores restructuraciones operativas y financieras en España

Restructuring in the Rest of the World:

  • Somos líderes en procesos de restructuración operativa y financiera en Estados Unidos e Inglaterra

Credentials in Disinvestment Processes
/ Accelerated Sale:

  • We have vast experience in design and execution of disinvestment processes/ accelerated sale within a context of refinancing, restructuring or insolvency, including valuations, viability plans and design and sale executions

Experience with Public Companies

We have consulted listed companies in Europe and Spain

Mainly in restructuring situations of financial debt

We have a Division dedicated to Consultancy in Communications

In special situations (crisis, going public, etc.)

Including the securities markets as their clients

Including the securities markets as their clients

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